SET: iSupportLE "Supporter" Windshield Badge Display & Wallet

Our official iSupportLE™️ "Police Supporter" badge is the most sought-after shield in the market. Recognized nationwide, our shield is crafted with the finest material. Its 3D embossed lettering is very attractive and eye catching. It is secured on a custom-made plastic holder with three heavy duty suction cups.

This bundle includes an authentic leather wallet with mini supporter badge. This wallet is great to store credentials given to by your family member in law enforcement such as a gold card, plastic family member card etc.

All of iSupportLE shields include a unique serial number on the back of the shield for the purposes of registering your shield with us. Simply email with your information and shield number. 

 Please take the time to read our disclaimer and Q & A page. 

 As always, thank you for your support and joining us on backing the blue. 

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