iSupportLE Authorized Agents:

iSupportLE has granted permission to a selected few agents whom shall be authorized to distribute any and all iSupportLE official products. All agents have undergone a thorough background investigation and interviews to whom we felt were best to represent our organization. If you have purchased any of our products from a unauthorized agent that is not listed below, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY to launch an investigation into the matter.  
  • MICHEAL ANDERSON ( Vice President ) - Manhattan, New York
  • Roy Bailey-  Bergen, New Jersey 
  • Smith Jr. - Hudson County, New Jersey 
  • Edgardo Gonzalez- Essex County, New Jersey 
  • Edwin Tejedah- Essex County, New Jersey 
  • Jazzy A.- Philly, Philadelphia Region
Please call us or email us immediately if you have purchased a product of iSupportLE from any other person who is not authorized. 
PHONE: 917-397-1800

Emergency/After Hours Call Micheal Anderson direct at Cell: 646-812-3257

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