Disclaimer/Terms & Conditions

DISCLAIMER: iSupportLE™️ is not affiliated with any any specific public safety union groups. We are an independent organization.

Our organization aims to encourage public safety support.

These products sold on our platform are only for recognition of your support towards public safety. These items do not confer any law enforcement authority nor does it confer any status as a member of any public safety agency

These items do not convey any forms of privileges in respect to the law. Any misuse of these items for unlawful or unethical purposes shall result in a notice to cease and desist or legal action to stop unlawful or nefarious conduct.

All supporters agree to abide by the laws. * Again,The products sold on our platform DO NOT CONVEY any form of authority nor entitle you to any form of privileges.  

 If you have questions or concerns please email or call us anytime.

* For all Law Enforcement reports related inquiries, confiscations of any of our products, misbehavior or misuse of our products please email us:      iSupportLE@zoho.com 



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