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Beware of Fake PBA and FOP Shields

There's an epidemic of fake PBA shields and fake FOP shields today. In fact, virtually every one of these that you find being sold online is fake. Sure, they may look like the real deal, but if you inspect them a little closer, you will find some key differences between real PBA and FOP shields and their counterfeit counterparts. Below are some photos that indicate these fake shields.
If you've ever looked into getting a PBA or FOP shield, you have definitely come across these imposter shields. Here is how to tell the real from the replicas.
Each authentic PBA and FOP shield sold will have a unique serial number on it. This number can be traced back to a specific union member, be they a police officer, corrections officer, sheriff, agent, etc.
Besides the unique identifier on each real PBA and FOP shield, there is also a limited quantity allowed for each union member to receive.
The Fraternal Order of Police provides a limited number of shields to civilians, such as associates. However, these shields will have to first be registered with an actual FOP office. A card will come with the shield that will include its serial number. You will also have information on the specific FOP shop you received the shield from.
There is actually a risk of using a fake PBA or fake FOP shield. That's right, you may get embarrassed at the very least or even end up in jail. Obviously, you don't want to experience either of these.

If you are genuine in your support of the police who protect and serve, you can still display a real support shield by visiting a local PBA or FOP delegate shop, or visit them on thier website.

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