iSupportLE organization was founded on the premise of giving law enforcement throughout the nation additional support in an ever-increasing hostile environment due in part to the radical left and mainstream media.

Based in Manhattan, New York,iSupportLE (I Support Law Enforcement) is creating products that will allow ordinary citizens, like yourself, to show their solidarity for the men and women in blue. They are the heroes that put their lives on the line every single day to protect fellow citizens, even those who disregard their sacrifice. 

 Why is there such a need?

 While the officer deaths have occurred through time, it was former NFL quarterback ColinKaepernick’s clothing worn during official NFL practice that portrayed law enforcement as pigs. His outlook spurred the development of an anti-law enforcement campaign that garnered a lot of attention. This has resulted in a disturbing trend of law being killed in the line of duty. 

 In 2016, there were 66 officers killed all around the nation and in Puerto Rico during a felony act. (This does not include the numbers killed in accidents). While the percentage of gun-related deaths declined in 2017, they rose again in 2018 when there was a 93 percent increase in the number of officers killed during criminal acts. 

 The reality is that police officers face vehicular assaults and ambush-like attacks on a daily basis – with many of them never seeing their families again.  


iSupportLE Needs Your Help

The only way to combat this trend, and the rise of aggressive oppositional movements put forth by groups like ANTIFA and others who support them is to unite together. This means that all Americans need to stop giving these groups the attention they do not deserve so that one more family of a police officer does not have to face their worst fears.  

 It doesn’t matter if it’s a DEA agent taking down a drug enterprise, a state trooper patrolling the highways or a local police officer apprehending a violent suspect; every one of them deserves the full support of those they are sworn to protect. 

 You can also donate directly to the cause by visitingiSupportLE’s “Donations Page.

 Let’s work together to end the violence against these dedicated officers. After all, when law enforcement lives are threatened, so is the rest of the nation. Show your support for these men and women by standing withiSupportLE today!


 "To those who have served and/or continue to serve honorably, we thank you for your courage. iSupportLE America has your back."                   





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